Mar 11, 2008

Loom Knitting

Hi All, I am bad i haven't done anything with my blog since i started it so here is a picture of my preemie hat done on the loom. I am loving loom knitting so far!


Sandra ;) said...

Sue it's darling!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Which loom did you use for the hat to make it the right size for a preemie?

What size was your hat when finished?

My niece is wanting to learn, thought something small would be a good way to she could finish something and see her results.

I got her the looms Christmas before last, thinking with the easy instructions her mother could help her. Mom isn't so inclined, and I've shown her briefly when we were last together. But the subject came up and so I'd like to get her going.

hoped over from Bev's Charity Challenge.
Welcome Mats always out, do stop inn for a visit.

Susan said...

Sandy i use the blue KK i didn't measure the hat so i don't really know the size. The pattern i used is from Bev web site and i think it says a newborn, i made a mistake saying preemie. Sorry for taking so long to get back.

Yvette said...

Love the little hat Susie - Ihaven't tried looming yet!

I've added you to my list of blogs on my blog - so now you have to update LOL !


Yvette in OZtralia